What sort of work can an ordained minister do?

ordained minister – pastoral work opportunities and calling

First a minister must be ordained usually with an established church. There are some brave people out there who just start their own church without any ordination at all of course this is a totally different route and it may be more acceptable in certain denominations whereas others require a more formal ordination process.

So once a minister is ordained and many these days can simply get ordained online then it’s time to get to work. Usually ministers will start churches or offer pastoral care or give blessings or even in some cases or many cases, really, perform marriage ceremonies.

Depending on where the minister got the ordination for example if it were an online ordination then the minister should check with local marriage laws to see what they require in order to perform marriage ceremonies. Some ministers even perform rituals like cleansing and even exorcisms which can get very controversial however this is something ministers do and some charge money to do it and some don’t.

Some ministers simply like to get ordained as a commitment to pursuing a path of greater good and acknowledging a higher power or rather a more spiritual depth to our daily lives. So it all depends on what the intention is when it comes to the type of work a minister will end up doing. One thing is for certain a minister almost never does it all. They usually pick one area in which to really excel.

Maybe at first if a minister starts at church then they are doing it all like doing the sermons or maybe they are doing the Pastoral Care and the visitations and they are also probably doing the marketing and accounting and everything else but eventually that Minister would find one thing they’re good at and when the money made it possible for them to back off from doing everything then just focus on that one thing.

Comment to let us know what kind of pastoral work you’re doing and how it all started for you.


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